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Laws of Media
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Laws of Media: Retrieves

What does the artifact retrieve that had been previously obsolesced? You are looking for something old here. It may no longer seem so old in the new context. It could be very old, even ancient, but perhaps with a new appreciation. This could even be consider the start of the creative process.

Let's look at a few examples:
Automobile retrieves walking for exercise.
Refigerator brought back gourmet food.
Candy brought back dried fruits and fruit cakes.
email brought back personal correspondence.

This can be a difficult question but very enlightning when discovered. McLuhan stated in UM that "the content of new media is old media." This can be a key to discovering the retrieval. You are looking for a metamorphosis.

When something is retrieved is often in a new light and provides new understanding. Manuscripts which were retrieved by the printing press can be considered sacred. Retrieval was the major theme in McLuhan's "From Cliche to Archetype"

Whatever is retrieved has previously been obsolesce. So this should bring you to another tetrad to determine what obsolesced the now retrieved artifact. This is one way that tetrads create chains.

Author: Ray Daly
Updated: Update-Goes-Here