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Laws of Media
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Laws of Media: Enhances

What does the artifact enhance? While some artifacts may enlarge others may miniaturize. Some may increase while others may retard. Some may amplify or intensify. Enhancements are not alway bigger, but they are usually "newly improved."

Let's look at a few examples:
Automobile enhanced travel or mobility.
Refidgerator gives us a wider variety of foods.
Candy satisfies our sweet tooth.
email gives us asynchronized personal conversations.

How an artifact enhances society or your life is usually what the marketers push as the benefit. Many times it is the reason the inventor invented, the scientist discovered, the thinker concluded. Look at ads for the artifact for hints.

In fact, the questions of the laws of media are good questions to ask when being bombarded by any ad. The tetrad helps you see what is not being said, what is out of the frame.

In the lifecyle of an artifacts, it enhancement is usually how we hear about a product.

Author: Ray Daly
Updated: Update-Goes-Here