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Laws of Media
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Laws of Media: Multiple Tetrads

"...the four effects of the tetrad are rarely singular. Instead, given media usually enhance, obsolesce, retrieve, and revers into many things. Further, more than one medium may enhance, obsolesce, retrieve, or reverse into the same thing."
Levinson DM p. 190

There can certainly be more than one tetrad per artifact. Indeed, in "Laws of Media" McLuhans present alternative tetrads for several artifacts: airplane, credit card, romanticism, symbolist poetry, visual space and wine.

If there are multiple tetrads for any artifact then any probe is worth considering. Creating tetrads are particularly well suited to brainstorming. So try creating one with the Tetrad Wizard.

The multiple tetrads are simultaneous. So when probing tetrads on this site you will be able to review just one or multiple simultaneously. Here are the tetrads on wine, two of which are from "Laws of Media".

One tetrad cannot reveal all of the effects of a process pattern. This tetrad provides a broad ground, the main verb. And depending on the specific ground we are examing, we will get different answers to the four questions. We re-ask the questions so as to reveal the physical, phychic and social effects of a medium. The automobile, for example, does more than obsolence the horse and buggy, for example. Among other things, it pushes aside jobs and skills that go with them. And this, in turn, emotionally, physically and socially strains all concerned.
WIMM p. 264
Author: Ray Daly
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